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Original, View from a Bridge

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This is Huge and Awesome wood sculpture of my new favorite critter: Albee!

Albee stands a total of He is trapped inside the famous Brooklyn Bridge but the view has to be great..Check out all the Awesome detail from the little subway cars front and back to all the graffiti on all four sides of the bridge. This piece is Epic and would look awesome in a kids room, front of business, or in a collectors living room.
  • This painting/ sculpture measures 55" tall and is 48" wide with a thickness of 6 1/2". 
  • It is constructed with cabinet grade ply and strong spruce.
  • All the pieces are hand cut, hand painted using acrylics and sealed with a durable Matte finish.
  • The graffiti on the base is created through drawing free hand using an "industrial formula" sharpie that is painted in with oil pastels.