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Kniff Spaceship - Collect all 12

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SPACE: The Awesome Frontier
Blast off! It's time to for the critters to leave Earth for a bit and explore the deep expanse of space. Unknown, epic adventures await you and your favorite critter friends. Watch as they climb aboard the Skitch-81, showcasing the latest and greatest in critter technology and ingenuity. Be amazed as the critters trek further into the endless, vastness of the Critter-verse! To boldly go where no critter has gone before!

Hello, my name is Kniff:
Kniff had a taste of fame in the early 2000's as a conceptual artist. His "Acorn" series, 23 realistic paintings of abstract acorns, was an international craze. Overwhelmed by the pressures of the art world, he traded in his paint brushes for a quiet life of organic farming. However, there's chatter in the air that he's secretly working on a "Squash" series.

 4.5" x 3.5" Archival Prints on Canvas - $20

Printed with Ultrachrome K3 pigmented inks on acid-free exhibition canvas
Prints are hand-rolled with a liquid varnish for UV Protection and Waterproofing
Prints are hand stretched over solid wood blocks and ready to hang with a hold drilled in the back
Watermark will not appear on purchased print