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Hip Hop - Collect all 16
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Hip Hop - Collect all 16 - kudu-lah
Hello, my name is Hip Hop:
She’s so hip, she’s hop. Hip Hop is not your typical frog. If you didn’t notice already, she has five eyes. Why? Cuz she’s cool like that. Hip Hop is the ultimate trend setter and always knows the latest beats. Don’t call her a hipster… She’s the original “hopster.”

3.5" x 4.5" Archival Prints on Canvas - $20

Printed with Ultrachrome K3 pigmented inks on acid-free exhibition canvas
Prints are hand-rolled with a liquid varnish for UV Protection and Waterproofing
Prints are hand stretched over solid wood blocks and ready to hang with a hold drilled in the back
Critter's name and bio on the back of each piece
Watermark will not appear on purchased print

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