Tough Day OK

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Sometimes you are just having a bad day and need to scream...


This original piece was created in March 2014. It is part of a series of cardboard paintings that explore a more simplified and abstract approach to my critters. I wanted to create paintings that could be completed inĀ a short time. Working in this compressed time frame,Ā I was able to makeĀ more clear and truthful images. There was no time to overthink a piece.Ā Most of all the paintings are coupled with simple and direct text that startĀ a dialogue with the viewer. This dialogue could be one of truth or just nonsense. Either way, it's a fun way to pass time!

  • This painting was created with acrylic paints
  • All the pieces are cardboard that is hand cut
  • This piece roughly measures 7.25" x 7.5"