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Posted by Jenifer Kudulis on

Where to begin... I'm still sitting in my pajamas and drinking a much-needed beer after just receiving, not one, but two more show cancellations today alone. Kenny and I have been going back and forth over the past several days whether or not to release a statement... everyone is being inundated with all the info. However we are now in a very scary situation. The every day aspects of our business and livelihood are a mystery to most... even my own mother. Love you, Mom. Here's a tiny peak into what we are currently facing:
The majority of our business is done face-to-face at events. Kenny and I make art work in our studio for weeks and sometimes months on end. Then when it's show time, we drive it across the country to an art festival and set up a miniature gallery for a weekend, where many of you have met us and fallen in love with the critters. The shows are seasonal, typically Spring/Fall, and mostly come once a year. Because we make everything with our own two hands from start to finish, we can only manage to participate in approximately 15 shows a year. In black and white, that's only 30 paydays. I'm drinking that much-needed beer because as of today, we have lost nearly half of our annual income due to show cancellations... with no end in sight. 

If you are looking to bring a little joy into your home or know someone in need of a companion critter, please shop. Meanwhile, you'll be supporting the tiniest of tiny small businesses, kudu-lah, as we celebrate our 13th anniversary. 

We love you all, 
Kenny and Jen and the critters  

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